Vital Peak Marketing Group's Growth-Focused Business Trips

Select team members from Vital Peak Marketing Group recently attended a leadership conference in Newport Beach, California. The firm's President described the event and the types of business trips available to promotional experts.

“We have a strong learning environment at Vital Peak Marketing Group,” said Sarah, the company’s President. “Our education opportunities don’t end with initial training. We keep finding new ways to engage our team so they continue to grow. Travel to conferences is a favorite around this office. Not only do our people get to visit someplace new, but we learn more as well.”

Sarah noted that the Newport Beach conference, held in early July, had numerous benefits for anyone from Vital Peak Marketing Group who was chosen to go. “There are two main components to these conferences: learning and networking,” she said. “It’s a big deal to be selected because it means you’re on the leadership track.”

These national conferences are held quarterly and gather the best and brightest from the sales and marketing industry. “On-site marketing is the wave of the future when it comes to getting results,” Sarah noted. “These events add to our people’s business development.”

“During these gatherings, there is tremendous knowledge-sharing across the board,” Sarah noted. “There are inspiring keynote speeches from the best of the best from across the nation. The break-out sessions are a good way to participate in more in-depth discussions on topics that range from how to create a powerhouse campaign to best practices for recruiting and building a team. It’s eye-opening how much our firm’s attendees learn about our industry and how far they can go. They gain such unique perspectives from these conferences.”

The networking opportunities are rich as well. “We meet some of the most influential people, gain insights from them on how to succeed, and grow our contact lists with quality connections on whom we can rely later,” Sarah said. “It’s all good.”

Vital Peak Marketing Group’s President on How to Optimize Conference Attendance

“Travel for business is an investment and one that we’re happy to make at Vital Peak Marketing Group,” said Sarah. “We want to maximize the value of each of these opportunities, which is why we emphasize advance planning with our team.”

Among the points that Sarah highlights to get the most from the excursion is to pre-select any workshops and discuss plans with other team members who will be traveling together. “One option is to divide and conquer if there are more sessions than time to attend,” she said. “This way, each person brings back useful insights from which we all benefit.”

The other key is to research who will be there and set up plans to meet in advance. “The more info you can have going into a conference, the better off you will be when it comes to connecting with others,” she said. “We want everyone who attends to walk away knowing more about our industry, meeting more people, and developing stronger bonds with each other. When this happens, we all win.”

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