Vital Peak Marketing Group is Giving Back in September

Vital Peak Marketing Group's owner discussed the firm's giveback events planned for September. She also highlighted some of the leadership skills that are built through charitable endeavors.

Sarah Theimer, the owner of Vital Peak Marketing Group, has always put giving back to the community at the heart of the company’s culture. She explained that team members will build on this commitment to philanthropy with two major events in September. Both of these charitable efforts will take place in San Diego, so they’re ideal chances to make a positive difference in the community that has enabled the firm’s success.

The first of these events is called Life Rolls On. Theimer explained that team members will be helping handicapped kids learn to surf. They’ll use wheelchair-accessible boards to help children discover the joys of water sports. She noted that this will be an inspiring event and create lasting memories for the firm’s brand experts.

Members of Team Vital Peak Marketing Group will also take part in an event called Kitchens for Good. This innovative program accepts food donations that would normally go to waste. The organization purchases surplus and irregular produce from local farmers and wholesalers, turning it into healthy meals for people in need. Theimer remarked that the team is proud to support the Kitchens for Good mission, which aims to break the cycle of food waste, poverty, and hunger.

Vital Peak Marketing Group’s Owner on the Developmental Benefits of Giving Back

Theimer explained that supporting worthy causes with teammates brings a wealth of benefits. Along with the good vibes that get created by giving back, team members also get the chance to develop key leadership skills. Communication abilities get a boost with every giveback event, as people work together in new settings doing often unfamiliar tasks. Theimer stated that when team members return to the Vital Peak Marketing Group office after a giveback event, they’re better than ever at clarifying expectations and putting their unique talents to work.

A positive attitude is also a key asset for any business leader. Theimer explained that helping those less fortunate is an ideal way to enhance gratitude and generally lift the team’s mood. When people are reminded of how lucky they are to work for caring companies, they tend to be even more engaged in their daily efforts. Theimer added that there’s a special kind of buzz in the Vital Peak Marketing Group office after each giveback event, fueled by a newly inspired set of future leaders.

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