Vital Peak Marketing Group Heads to Las Vegas for R&R

Sarah, President of Vital Peak Marketing Group, spent the weekend in Las Vegas with five key team leaders at an international rest and relaxation retreat. Sarah discussed the event along with some benefits of business travel.

There are many travel opportunities for Vital Peak Marketing Group team members throughout the year. Cross-training at other high-performing offices, scouting out new markets, and attendance at leadership conferences and seminars are all trips that the firm offers its top producers.

The most recent example of Vital Peak Marketing Group’s generous travel program was the R&R retreat, which was held this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Industry leaders from across the globe were there, enjoying some well-earned downtime after working for an entire year to earn an invite to this exclusive event.

Sarah was proud to have five of her top performers qualify for the trip: Ivanna Puruganan, Robert O’Rourke, Sydney Nitz, Nathanael De La Cruz, and Kaytelyn Slater all met the strict guidelines and enjoyed an all-expenses-paid weekend in Vegas. Not only did they enjoy the Strip’s world-famous hospitality, but there were also keynote addresses by the biggest names in interactive marketing, and chances to connect with these renowned professionals as well. 

Perhaps most importantly though, the R&R retreat presented a unique opportunity for Sarah and the other qualifiers to bond together as a team. The memories made and experiences shared will last them a lifetime, and when they came back to the office it was obvious to everyone that they were closer as teammates and friends.

Investing in Business Travel Keeps Vital Peak Marketing Group in Front of the Competition

While trips are an investment, Sarah sees them as paying big dividends in a variety of areas. Morale, productivity, camaraderie, and collaboration are all important to Vital Peak Marketing Group’s operations and culture, and travel has a tremendous positive impact in all of these areas. 

Business trips are also a powerful personal and professional development tool. By connecting with like-minded professionals, team members learn about best practices being used in other markets, which Sarah has seen lead to more innovative campaigns back home. The chance to sharpen existing skills and even gain new ones more than pays for the cost of travel, according to the President.

Everyone had a great time enjoying all that Las Vegas has to offer, including the next-level training and networking opportunities. Sarah is already looking forward to bringing more leaders with her next year.

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