Vital Peak Marketing Group Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

The President of Vital Peak Marketing Group highlighted the many ways team members celebrated the firm's one-year anniversary. She also shared a few powerful tips for setting and achieving ambitious goals.

August 6 marked one year of business for Vital Peak Marketing Group. Sarah, the firm’s President, explained that team members will celebrate the occasion in a variety of ways, including with a trip to Cancun in October. The President added that she is proud of the team she’s built and how they have pushed past obstacles to reach remarkable peaks throughout the past year.

There have been many achievements during Vital Peak Marketing Group’s first year on the on-site sales promotion scene. Sarah noted that several team members have advanced in their careers and received other types of recognition for their hard work and dedication. Team nights, travel opportunities, and a recent expansion to Los Angeles have also defined a year of exciting success. The President added that she’s optimistic for even bigger accomplishments in 2020 and beyond.

The October R&R event in Cancun will let the firm’s top performers soak in the biggest wins they’ve achieved in the past year. There will be a host of business leaders in attendance for this occasion, so it also promises to be an ideal networking situation. Sarah added that the team will be growing in the coming months as well, so the Cancun trip is a chance to ride that wave of positive momentum right through the end of the year.

Vital Peak Marketing Group’s President on Effective Goal-Setting Strategies

A focused approach to setting and achieving ambitious goals, along with time for reflection on past work, is at the core of Vital Peak Marketing Group’s ongoing growth. Sarah explained that breaking down the company’s biggest growth objectives into smaller, more easily measured pieces is a major element of this approach. She stated that having manageable steps right in front of them allows the firm’s brand experts to measure their progress and rack up small accomplishments day after day.

Celebrating each milestone along the way to a major win also helps Team Vital Peak Marketing Group maintain momentum. Sarah explained that getting closure on each stage of a long goal-fulfillment process allows people to feel rewarded in the moment. Highlighting each victory also makes it easier to come back to the larger task at hand refreshed and more focused than ever.

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