Vital Peak is Primed to Hire Recent College Grads

Vital Peak Marketing Group, a leading provider of on-site marketing services, is expanding operations. The company's president announced that to meet new business demand they will be adding to the team.

“We’ve had a great year at Vital Peak Marketing Group and our reputation for delivering outstanding sales results has preceded us,” said Sarah, the company’s President. “We now have opportunities to move into new markets and grow our business, which is why we’re actively recruiting for young professionals and recent college graduates to join us.”

As Sarah explained, Vital Peak Marketing Group’s environment is ideal for people who have some experience in marketing and leadership and want to accelerate their career growth post-graduation. “We seek candidates who have a positive attitude and love to learn, because we’re all about knowledge transfer in our offices,” she said. “Our office is conducive for people with growth-oriented mind-sets who thrive on developing their fortes in business.”

New team members are quickly transitioned into the firm’s management training program, in which they learn the skills needed for long-term career success. “Each person starts as a marketing assistant and works alongside a seasoned coach who helps them as they learn basic fundamentals and marketing methods,” Sarah said. “After someone has mastered these skills, they advance into a leadership role in which they learn how to train and develop people, lead, recruit, and hire. From there, they move into assistant manager roles that give them a more in-depth learning experience on how to run a business and oversee multiple events.”

“Our program is fast-paced, so people have the opportunity to move up the ladder and experience rapid professional development,” Sarah shared. “It’s a great way to get a foothold on a satisfying career path.”

Vital Peak Marketing Group’s President on Why This Training Program Enhances Chances for Success

Sarah is the first to note that while unconventional, Vital Peak Marketing Group’s approach to training is effective in all the right ways. “We hire people not just for jobs, but to follow in a career path for a number of reasons,” she said. “When they succeed in ensuring the brands we represent meet their sales objectives, our firm wins as well.”

The firm’s advancement policy is carefully organized to ensure mutual success. “We invest deeply in professional development for our people,” Sarah said. “We like to keep that knowledge and expertise in-house, and the best way to ensure that happens is to provide people with a clear career path to follow, including promotions.”

“Every step we take is with the knowledge that as our people thrive and the brands we promote flourish, ultimately, we grow as a firm,” Sarah noted. “This trifecta is how we plan to sustain our growth for a long time.”

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Source: Vital Peak Marketing Group